a neon sign on a dark brick wall that says "don't quit" . The illuminated letters spell out "Do It".

The High Price of Poor Performance Management

The shocking state of employee engagement is a business wake-up call

01 November 2023
Women laying on tennis court surrounded by lemons

Are We Asking Too Much of Line Managers?

23 November 2023
An interconnected web of lines between data points

Unlocking the Power of Data in Talent Management: A Data-Driven Revolution

13 November 2023
Padlocks with hearts and initials written on them, locked to fence

Moving From Talent Hoarding to Talent Acceleration

02 October 2023
a cat looking extremely judgemental and annoyed

Nobody wants to hear about your values

Employees are sick of hearing about values that their company doesn’t live by.

01 February 2023
A coffee cup next to an open laptop

Thriving Through The Big Stay

18 August 2023
The message “we like you too” written on a wall

Moving Beyond Surface-Level Inclusivity

04 August 2023
a man sitting on chair covering his eyes

Navigating Hiring Freezes: Mitigating the Impact of the Peter Principle

12 July 2023
a frustrated man sitting at his laptop

Are Mid-Year reviews a waste of time?

Why mid-year reviews so often fail to deliver value, and how we can change that.

28 June 2023
black and brown dachshund standing in a box

9-box, 5-box, 4-box: Do We Even Need Talent Grids?

How Talent Grids can still be powerful tools.

19 May 2023
pieces on a chessboard

Does HR Really Know its Talent

Why Talent Assessment should be central to everything HR does.

12 May 2023
A well decorated modern office, with no people in it.

Hybrid Working: The Worst of Both Worlds?

The new normal seems to be Hybrid. And that’s not a good thing.

20 March 2023
A woman sitting a desk looking extremely bored and disinterested in her work.

Quiet Quitting isn’t New: and it’s still a bad idea

Quiet quitting is just a much louder version of something that’s happened since the dawn of the office worker.

16 March 2023
A funny looking toy robot looking out at you

AI might not replace you. But it’s probably already replaced your replacement

Why I believe AI has already rendered many junior and entry level positions obsolete.

09 March 2023

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